• Doctor of Philosophy, Major: Cross-disciplinary studies of Educational Learning and Buddhist Enlightenment), The University of Hong Kong, 2012.
  • Master of Buddhist Studies (MBuddhStud), The University of Hong Kong, 2004.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering (BEng), City University of Hong Kong, 1991.
  • Development of a Mindfulness model, Biscuit Model through Social Sciences methodology with reference to Education, Mindfulness and Buddhist theories.
  • Cross-disciplinary studies of Education and Buddhist philosophy
  • Modernization of Buddhist theories and terminologies
  • Master Degree Courses (since 2017): Critical Thinking in Buddhist Studies, Contemporary Theory of Mindfulness and its Methodology, Reading Methodology of Ancient Scriptures and Modern Editions.
  • Stress Reduction and Life Guidance Mindfulness-related Classes (since 1999): Biscuit Model Mindfulness and Traditional Meditation for associations or colleges in Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Philosophical Classes or Seminar (since 1999): Revisiting the content of Agāma and its contribution to modern society, How to choose Buddhist editions in newly formed Buddhist collection, The Essence of Buddhist Philosophy, Application of Buddhist teachings in daily life, Things not Taught You in College, etc.
  • 2005-2012 Glorious Sun Group Postgraduate Scholarships in Buddhist Studies
  • 1995 Best Teacher Award, Hong Kong Education Bureau
  • New Teaching Model of Mindfulness: Biscuit Model, Chu Hai College, 2018.

Field Records of Buddhist Education and Counseling in colleges

  • Liu-shui-liu-bu-zhu 《流水留不住》. Malaysia: Fa Yu, 2005.
  • Ming-ri-tian-kong 《明日天空》. Malaysia: Fa Yu, 2005.
  • Bu-le-chen 《不了塵》. Malaysia: Fa Yu, 2008.

Traditional Meditation

  • Jiao-ta-lan-tian 《腳踏藍天》, Hong Kong: Enlightening Platform, 2013.
  • Chan-gan-jue-liang-hao 《禪,感覺良好》, Hong Kong: Enlightening Platform, 2015.

Articles in Column

  • The modern interpretation of selected Agāma 「阿含經典」, Ming-kok, Buddhistdoor, 2016.
  • The Teaching of Ch’an 「禪教學」, Buddhist Compassionate, 2016-2017.

Individual Articles

  • Study of the thoughts of Ven. Yin-shun with reference to his editions, the fundamental theory of Buddha-dharma 從《佛法概論》窺探印順導師的思想特質. The memorial journal of Ven. Yin-shun at his age of 100. Taiwan: Fuyan Buddhist Institute, 2004.
  • A preliminary investigation of modern Ch’an Master Chi-chern 獨坐大雄峰──一位近代禪者三十年的行誼記錄, Ming-kok, Buddhistdoor, 2015.
  • Training of Biscuit Model Mindfulness teachers, Enlightening Platform.
  • Training of Modern Tripitaka teachers, Enlightening Platform.
  • Since 2013 Founder and director of PBD Co. Ltd. (NGO with No. 91/12416)
  • 2006-2014 Committee Member of Management Board of Buddhist Leung Chik Wai College
  • 2008-2014 Committee Member of Education Council of Heung Hoi Ching Kok Lin Association